Dream of Desert Beaches

The never-ending stretch of empty sand that is Playa Jiquilillo at sunset

Playa Jiquilillo (pronounced: he-keel-e-o) is a sanctuary away from the masses that flood Nicaragua’s southern beaches when the surf is good (or not). Miles of gently sloped empty stretches of white sand beaches are perfect for swimming, surfing, playing, relaxing and practicing yoga.

Kyle and I chose a privately owned cabana to relax and restore after several hard weeks of travel and a bad bout of water poisoning. We found our one bedroom, one bath, fully furnished kitchen cabana on VBRO.com and rented it for about $40/night with discounts included for week-long stays. The best thing about staying at the cabana was its neighbor, a kind-hearted Italian gentleman who had spent several winters prior on the shores of Jiquilillo. Ruggero went out of his way to accommodate us with locally produced fish, shellfish, vegetables, tortillas, entertainment and relaxation during our stay in Jiquilillo. Although there are a few tiendas, vegetable stands and guesthouses lining Jiqilillo’s coast, the majority of the food distribution (especially fresh caught fish and shellfish) is by word of mouth. Ruggero helped make Jiquilillo’s isolation more comforting and enjoyable and to that we owe him greatly for our fabulous experience. No surprise from a man who has never used the internet.

The traditional Nicaraguan fishing villiage of Jiquilillo

The missing mangrove trees (ie.,the brown spot in the middle of the canopy) make room for a shrimp farm

The mangrove estuary of Padre Ramos is the largest mangrove forest in Central America

Hibiscus flower (Hibiscus sabdarrifa) makes delicious and refreshing tea that helps detox your kidneys

The oriole that woke us every morning.

Jiquilillo’s finest fish market

The village’s best fruit stand and Ruggero, the best man to show you around

A gorgeous day to walk a pig

At low-tide Jiqilillo’s gently sloping beaches turn into seashell filled reflection pools and are always good for swimming

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