Beneath Himalayan Skies

Sheer cliffs and loose scree slopes make for a hair raising trek

We were gradually making our way up towards Annapurna Circuit’s 17,770 ft (5416 m) Throng La Pass when we stopped in the village of Manang (12,5000 ft) for a day to let our bodies acclimate to the elevation. While there, we decided to take a three day detour and hike to Lake Tilicho.  We would not be disappointed. The hike to Tilicho Base Camp was stunning in itself. The narrow trail hugged steep cliffs and loose scree slopes. We watched a herd of Himalayan blue sheep navigate the difficult terrain with far more ease than ourselves.

Split in the Marshyangdi Khola River outside of Manang. Following the river to the right takes you to Throng La Pass 5,416 meters (17,769 ft). We first headed left up the valley to Lake Tilicho

Khangsar Village

Dwarfed by the monstrous peaks and vast valleys we make our way to Tilicho Base Camp

Yaks grazing

View of Mount Tilicho on hike to base camp

Outside Tilicho Base Camp

The next day we began our trekking early. We climbed nearly 2500 ft in elevation up a grueling series of switchbacks. The thin air left us gasping for breath and it was necessary to stop every couple steps. We were richly rewarded for our efforts. Reaching the glacier rimmed lakeside (16138 ft) we were dwarfed by the frozen majesty of Mount Tilicho towering above us. I had never seen nature look so vast and powerful.

Skirting a glacier as we near the lake

Napping lakeside

Mount Tilicho from base camp

2 responses to “Beneath Himalayan Skies

  1. Great article and photos. I just came back from there. Many years after you, but the beauty of mountains is in that they never change.

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