Serenity Lives Inside the Garden’s Gate

The cornerstone of Singapore’s National Parks Board (est. 1996) and the impetus of the country’s diversity of parks and lush flora around its Garden City is the Singapore Botanic Garden, a tropical botanic garden of international renown. The garden began its long and varied history in 1859. In the early 20th century it took the form of an extremely lucrative rubber farm with the boom of the automobile industry. Later, under a new director, it became the foundation of the cut flower industry. In the 1960’s it was the inspiration for Singapore’s numerous gardens and road-side plantings that continue to beautify the country. Today it is home to the internationally acclaimed National Orchid Garden, a prestigious institute of tropical botany and numerous other gardens including a healing garden, rainforest walk and evolution garden. The botanic garden’s impressive history is reflected in exquisite blooming displays, immaculately maintained grounds and botanic research, breeding and hybridization undergone within its lush borders. For native Singaporeans and visitors alike, here is the perfect place to stroll away a day gathering ample serenity and inspiration from the epitome of beauty in nature.

Mist House Mist House Mist HouseEntrance to the National Orchid Garden National Orchid Garden Singapore's National Orchid Garden Cool HouseEvolution Garden Orchid Trellis Rainforest Walk Singapore's Botanic Gardens Swan LakeBromliad Path Orchid Hybrids VIP Orchid Garden Orchid Mist House Vining Orchids

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