Our inspiration as global travelers is to experience earth’s diversity as the paramount of life, something to be respected foremost, preserved and unconditionally loved.  With an objective eye, Internationally Grown seeks to share earth’s brilliant natural diversity and the vast array of ideas, cultures, and individual lives inspired by it. Our interests include not only the vivid, unique, and inspirational in the places we visit and people we connect with but also the evidence of how we have internationally grown to be a part of a global reality that connects us through our daily decisions to the world as a whole.

Kyle Ellefson’s childhood was marked with a good deal of camping, hunting, and skiing trips within the United States. He got his first taste of international travel with a semester abroad studying in New Zealand. This solidified his future trajectory and was followed by several more extended trips to Asia scattered throughout a rather nomadic domestic career in the wind energy industry. With each departure Kyle has found his ties to a comfortable, stable existence back home loosen while the drive to immerse himself within the vast, fascinating web of foreign culture and ecology gains momentum. Two years ago he met his girlfriend Laura. A gardener, potter, and yoga instructor, Laura’s inquisitive nature and adventurous spirit made her a perfect travel companion.

Laura developed a strong curiosity towards earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems growing up in the Chippewa River valley of rural Minnesota. Later, Laura became a student of Anthropology and through her university studies gained an appreciation of culture, society and ethnodiversity. Working as an organic farmer and naturalist with underserved and immigrant populations has helped her develop a special interest in how people have traditionally related to and utilized earth’s resources. The aquisition of traditional knowledge and an interest to understand this knowledge in the context of current issues in food security and conservation of species and natural resources is her focus of international travel. As a yogi she feels a strong connection to the earth and its beings and hopes to contribute towards the happiness and freedom that is deserved by all.

Laura and Kyle are currently farmers and gardeners throughout their native Minnesota’s growing season, focusing on organic, permaculture and sustainable techniques. They are itinerant wanderers the remainder of the year.

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  1. Hi Laura and Kyle, I love your attitude and your worldview … and what a great life you are creating for yourselves. I’m really looking forward to more. Wishing you all the best on your journeys, Terri

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